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Bus Information

Bus Information and Regulations

Bus Information

Your bus stop and its time is available through PowerSchool in the Parent Portal Account. STA is the busing company. Busing issues should be addressed to the Transportation Office at 762-3381. x8333. Mary Channing is the Transportation Coordinator and can be reached at

Bus Regulations and Privileges

· Students in grade 3-5 may transfer from one bus to another when space is available and only on buses serving Cider Mill.

· Students may get off at any stop while riding their regular bus with permission through SDM (School Dismissal Manager).

· Students are required to wear seat belts for their own safety.

· Students are expected to comply with the rules of bus safety.

· Drivers are instructed to report offensive behavior to Cider Mill Administrators.

· Noncompliance is subject to bus suspension.

Bus Safety

Bus riding is a privilege. Your child’s school day officially begins the moment he/she steps on the bus, therefore for safety reasons bus rides are video taped. The following rules have been designed for your child’s protection. Please take the time to review them with him/her.


· Do stay off the road while waiting.

· Do stay in your seat and keep the aisles clear.

· Do buckle up seat belts for safety.

· Do stay on the bus in an emergency, unless the driver gives other instructions.

· Do cross the road in front of the bus so that the driver can see you when you exit and enter.

· Do report offensive language or behavior to the driver, teachers, guidance or administration.


· Do not play ball or throw things at the bus stop.

· Do not put anything (or any part of yourself) out of the windows.

· Do not get on or off the bus until it comes to a complete stop.

· Do not distract the driver. Nothing is to be thrown on the bus. Yelling or screaming is not permitted.

· Do not destroy or harm any part of the bus.

· Do not tease, fight or ridicule others.

· Do not use offensive language/gestures.

· Do not eat or drink on the bus