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World Languages

World Languages

Middlebrook World Language Department


“Language is a living, kicking, growing, flitting, evolving reality, and the teacher should spontaneously reflect its vibrant and protean qualities.”

– John A. Rassias


Middlebrook's World Language Department works collaboratively to support Wilton's Portrait of a Graduate. Learning a new language helps students become part of the global community by broadening their horizons and by giving them tools to communicate effectively in this rapidly changing world. The World Language curriculum in Wilton is a roadmap that will lead students to gain a greater understanding of cultural differences. World language study in Wilton will also equip the students linguistically and help them develop proficiency in at least one other language.

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    Curriculum & Instruction Description Overview:

    • 6th grade Spanish: Puente (Bridge), Preguntas (Questioning), Mis amigos y yo (My Friends and I, What I like to do, What I am like)  La escuela y la comunidad (My Classes and My Schedule, Location and Services in the Community, School and the Community)  La comida y la salud (Food and Health)

    • 7th grade Spanish:  Mi identidad y las identidades de los hispanohablantes (My identity and the identity of Spanish speakers) La vida de las familias; Celebraciones y Tradiciones (Family Life; Celebrations and Traditions)  El hogar y división de trabajo (Living Spaces and the Division of Labors), A Prepararse para el día (Let’s prepare for the day), Inmersión cultural del mundo hispanohablante (Culture Immersion in the Spanish Speaking World), A usar la tecnología para fomentar la cambia cultural (Using technology to promote cultural change)

    • 8th grade Spanish: Mi cultura e identidad (My culture & Identity), La vida cotidiana (Everyday Life), Comparaciones en la cultura latina (Comparisons in the Hispanic & Latino Culture), Historias del pasado (Stories from the Past), Conversaciones y Debates (Conversations & Debates).

    • 6th grade French : Liaison (Bridge); Salut, mes copains (Hello, my friends); Les Mots Interrogatifs, (Questioning); Qu’est-ce que tu aimes faire pendant ton temps libre?; Comment est ta famille (What is your family like?); Mon Année Scolaire (My School Life) 

    • 7th grade French: Liaison (Review), Bon appétit, On fait les magasins (Let’s go clothes shopping!), À la maison (At home), Allons n vacances (vacation)

    • 8th grade French: Ma famille et mes copains (family & friends), On fait la fête (traditions & celebrations), Faisons les courses (Let’s go food shopping!), Au lycée (high school life), Les conversations et les débats (conversations & debates)

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