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A short history of Miller-Driscoll School

Miller-Driscoll Elementary is comprised of two different schools that were structurally united in 1990 and administratively re-united in 2010.

Miller School was built first, dedicated in1966 and named for Tilford W. Miller who had served as town treasurer and twenty year chairman of the Board of Education.

Then Driscoll School was built to the south of Miller ”behind” the original school. Driscoll was dedicated in 1969 and named after Ina E. Driscoll, a beloved Wilton teacher and principal from 1926-1957.

A $36 million dollar renovation/modernization project was completed in 2017.

Both were built on the site of the old Benedict Farm (in the photo above from the Wilton History Room at the Wilton Library) which was purchased in 1961 for $78,000.

MDTV New Building Special 2017