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Frequently Asked Tech Questions

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Frequently Asked Questions

Q:  What should I do if I don’t receive notifications (email, texts) through Parent Square?
A:  Please alert the Powerschool/Parent Square contact at each of the schools as follows:

Q:  Notifications sent through Parent Square are appearing in my junk or SPAM folders.  What do I do?
A:   We have found that specific exchanges are automatically receiving messages from the school, generated through Parent Square, into their Spam folders.  Specifically, if you use the following exchanges:


The emails from the school may be in your spam or junk folder.  In these cases, you will need to make sure that you are accepting general messages through email and DO NOT block your email address or unsubscribe from receiving emails from Parent Square. 

Q:  I’m new to the district and don’t think I’m getting any information from the schools yet. What should I do?
A:  Please alert the Powerschool contacts listed above.

Q. We are new to the district, my High School Student needs to log into google classroom to see their summer assignments, What should they do?
A:  Email our IT support team for the summer at : if you are already registered through Powerschool.  

Q: I have moved to a new address within Wilton, do I need to change anything in PowerSchool?
A:  Please alert the school with any changes to your address.

Q:  How do I change notification settings for weather delays?
A:  Visit  to manage your contact and notification preferences.  

Q:  Is my child allowed to use a specific app for school?  How do I know what is a district approved app or resource?
A:  Wilton Public Schools is committed to our students’ data privacy and comply with the Connecticut Student Data Privacy Act.  We also ensure that apps and resources are grade-level and appropriate for learning. Please check the Approved Apps & Resources page for updates

Q:  My contact information in the PTA directory is wrong, what should I do?
A: You can contact the PTA at your school to get the information corrected for the current directory. Please reach out to contacts referenced in question #1 to update the information held in PowerSchool.

Q. How do I get access to the PTA online directory?
A: You can download the app from the app store it’s called MobileArq. You can also visit to join. Your email address has to match the one in PowerSchool.

Q. I need a chromebook cover, does the school have specific recommendations?
A:  We leave this up to the parent, however, there are several vendors that make quality, protective covers including:  iPearl, GumDrop, CaseLogic and Otterbox.

Q. Can my High Schooler get their own PowerSchool account? If so how?
A:  Yes.  In fact, we encourage high school students to use their own PowerSchool account to check on their progress.  

Q. Bring Your Own Device for the High School - What do they need? They are doing graphic design / photography do they need a more powerful computer?
A:   Our BYOD program recommends that students bring a laptop that runs either Windows OS, a Chromebook or a Mac.  Most programs are cloud-based and a few specialty labs with appropriate desktops are available for classes such as video production and photography.

Q. Where can I look to understand  the district’s device policy for each school?
A:  The Wilton Public School district has a Technology Responsible Procedure is part of our Board Regulations - refer to the link provided here and on our Digital Learning website.

Q. PowerSchool shows I owe a Balance. Do I? How do I pay it?
A:  There was a technical issue that was corrected in PowerSchool and seemed to indicate an activity fee for all families.  It has been corrected and is no longer the case.

Q. How do I pay athletic fees online?
A:  The website has a special “I Want to Pay For…” page that gives parents access to several payment sites.  Please refer to the “I Want to Pay For…” page for athletic fees.