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School Dismissal Manager

School Dismissal Manager

School Dismissal Manager (SDM)

No Playdates or Afterschool Activities until further notice.

PROCEDURES for scheduling a PLAYDATE: 
(We prefer that you do not use the “playdate option” but specify the student specifically)
  • No Playdates or Afterschool Activities until further notice.
PROCEDURES for Changing Plans from Morning:
(i.e. club or sport practice is cancelled due to weather)
  • Select the Day
  • Select Student’s Name
  • Press the X next to Student’s Name (this will delete initial plan)
  • Choose corrected dismissal instruction from the drop down list
  • If your student is just to take their regular bus home “Add New Dismissal Instruction” …
  • In Alternate Transportation type “Change of Plans”
  • In Describe Activity “Take Bus Home”
  • Click on Add Record
  • Again, Select the Day
  • Again, Select Student’s Name
  • On the left, choose your newly entered Activity from the drop down list
  • Now review change in Calendar box.

Send in a note addressed to the teacher stating your students name and what time he/she should come to the office to be picked up by you or another guardian. Please inform your child as well so they can come to meet you at the appropriate pick-up time.

  • Select Student’s Name
  • Choose Dismissal Instruction from Dropdown Menu OR Customize dismissal instruction in Manage Dismissal Instruction AND THEN choose from Dropdown Menu
  • Choose Frequency
  • Choose From: date and To: date
  • Select Schedule Recurring Dismissal Instruction
  • List of Exception Created Dates will appear

You will have until 12:30 PM (10:30 AM on early dismissal days) to change transportation plans for that day. You will be able to make such changes for up to two weeks in advance. Each school day, School Dismissal Manager sends a detailed dismissal listing to the school shortly after 12:30pm/10:30am. The school will not receive information from the system after those times.