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The Purpose of the PTA

The purpose of the PTA is to bring the home and the school into a closer relationship so that parents and teachers may cooperate intelligently in the education of children and youth

PTA Board Meetings

PTA Board meetings are open to all Cider Mill parents. Cider Mill PTA meetings are held the second Tuesday of each month at 9:15 a.m. in the cafeteria.

PTA Volunteer Activities

There are many opportunities to volunteer through the PTA at the school. Volunteer sign-up sheets are available online. Badges must be worn by volunteers when in school. Volunteers must sign in at the office and receive a visitor pass.

PTA Student Handbook and Directory

At the beginning of the school year the Cider Mill PTA distributes the handbook/directory to all of its members. Portions of the handbook can also be found on the Cider Mill website. Additional handbooks may be purchased from the Cider Mill PTA.

Co-Sponsored Events

The PTA and other community organizations co-sponsor many special activities throughout the school year.

Third, Fourth and Fifth Grade Field Days are an exciting, fun tradition at Cider Mill School. Usually held on the last half-days of school, each grade participates in field events at the high school track. A series of fun games and refreshments are set up and organized by the PTA.

Fun Nights are organized by parent volunteers from each grade.

River Study is a 3rd and 5th Grade science program that introduces students to our neighboring Norwalk River system. Trained parent volunteers lead small groups on river walks and discuss the habitats of the animal community.

Turkey Trot is conducted every year just before Thanksgiving. All students participate by walking or running this fun obstacle course. Each class at Cider Mill fills holiday baskets for families in need with food and special treats through the “entry fee” and food collections.

Special Children’s Enrichment Events are held throughout the year. Artists in various disciplines present performances to students in subject matter that is related to the school curriculum. Refer to the Cider Mill School calendar for some examples.

Junior Great Books is a reading and discussion group usually run during January, February and March. Interested students meet for lunch and a lively exchange of ideas.

Apple Core is the Cider Mill yearbook given to all 5th Grade students. Coordinated by the PTA and parent volunteers, it features pictures and events of the students’ time spent at Cider Mill. Two representatives from each 5th Grade class will be involved in designing feature pages, editing pictures, choosing covers and collecting testimonials and editorials.

BOX TOPS, TARGET, and STOP & SHOP Rewards - Clipping box tops from many popular products is a great way to support Cider Mill. Visit to view the product box tops that can earn Cider Mill 10 cents per box top. Students can drop off box tops in the “box top box” in the main office.

Learn how shopping at Target stores can also support Cider Mill School Information on this program can be found at (take charge of education).

Stop & Shop stores also want to support schools.