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Curriculum & Instruction

Curriculum and Instruction


Welcome to Curriculum and Instruction.

Recognizing its diverse student population, the staff, administrators and parents have designed a program that acknowledges each student's interests, abilities, and goals. Wilton students form a community of active learners who are encouraged to develop the ability to think critically and communicate effectively; they may choose to do so from a wide variety of course offerings in the humanities, mathematics, sciences, five foreign languages, fine and applied arts, an extensive music program and physical education. Curriculum integration is a high priority in our schools for the future.

Through differentiated instruction, curriculum, and developmentally appropriate instructional strategies, the program of studies retains the flexibility to meet the diverse needs of its learners, and the comprehensiveness required to provide a broad educational base for our students.

The Connecticut Department of Education has created a website called Connecticut Core Standards to provide all stakeholders with information regarding Connecticut Common Core State Standards.