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What is PowerSchool? PowerSchool is the Wilton Public Schools' Student Information System intended to support school operations and family engagement.

What information can I access through PowerSchool Parent Portal? The PowerSchool Parent Portal includes grades, progress, attendance, emergency contact information, and more.​​​​​​​

Powerschool Parent Portal Instructions

Can I access the parent portal before I register my child at a school?  No. You must first complete the registration of your child at a school after which you will receive an access ID for Powerschool.

What do I do if I have forgotten/misplaced my user name and/or password?
You can use the "reset password" feature through PowerSchool.  Password resets take approximately 20 minutes to process.

Can I change my personal and contact information online?
Yes, information updates are made in the Parent Portal under the Forms button on the far left.

Powerschool Parent Portal Instructions for Changing Contact Information

What do I do if information on the parent portal is incorrect?
Please log into the Parent Portal and make contact changes under the Forms button on the far left. If after making changes in the parent portal there is still inaccurate information in your personal contact information, please contact your student’s school. 

Powerschool Parent Portal Instructions for Updating/Correcting Student Information