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Welcome to Cannondale House

Cannondale House is located on the lower level of the north side of the building. If you have a question, concern, or compliment, please contact your child's teacher. Alternatively, you may contact the Cannondale team leaders: 3rd Grade- Alyssa Peterson ; 4th Grade- Jackie Levenherz; 5th Grade- Amy Waters by clicking on their names to send an e-mail or calling the school at 762-3351.

Third Grade Team

Mrs. Alyssa Peterson

Mrs. Shane Nittolo/ Mrs. Olivia Fornaciari

Mrs. Jean Yates

Mrs. Sara LeMoigne

Fourth Grade Team

Mrs. Jackie Levenherz

Mrs. Hilary McCusker

Mrs. Emily Staub

Fifth Grade Team

Mrs. Sarah Arbucci

Mr. Joe Pullia

Mrs. Amy Waters