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Artist Spotlight: Bernie Huang

Posted Date: 11/09/2023

Artist Spotlight: Bernie Huang

On November 2 Bernie Huang, one of our AP Art & Design students, had the opportunity to showcase her work to members of the Board of Education during a pre-meeting art reception. The Board celebrated her work and accomplishments as a creative entrepreneurial designer and as a contemporary multi-literate scholar, two components of the WPS Portrait of a Graduate. Bernie was able to answer questions, discuss some of her inspirations, and share her plans for future work.

Bernie's work is a captivating blend of digital art and traditional mediums, and she specializes in exploring emotions through the enchanting lens of surrealism. You can currently view her amazing work in our LLC (Library Learning Commons). Don't miss the chance to admire Bernie's artwork in person!

bernie artworkbernie artworkbernie artworkbernie artwork