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Portrait of a Graduate Community Resources

Portrait of a Graduate Community Resources

Community asset map

Community Asset Map

On December 9th, 2021, our Long-Range Planning Committee is coming together to engage in an asset mapping exercise with the stakeholders on the committee including teachers, administrators, students, families, community, local businesses and association representatives. The Committee will consider the Portrait of a Graduate in the context of the following essential question:

How can our district, families and the community partner in meaningful, authentic ways to prepare and inspire students to contribute to a globally interdependent society?

If you were not at the Long-Range Planning Session and would like to submit a Community Asset please use the following form:  Wilton Asset Mapping for Portrait of a Graduate 

Asset Mapping in Support of the Portrait of a Graduate

  • Community Asset Map

    The formal adoption of the Portrait of a Graduate for Wilton Public Schools in June 2021 affirms the skills and attributes all students will practice as they progress through their PreK-12 learning journey.  The attributes include Contemporary Multiliterate Scholar, Self-Navigating Expert Learner, Balanced Healthy Human Being, Courageous Ethical Leader, Active Socially Sensitive Citizen, and Creative Entrepreneurial Designer.  Additionally, the work of preparing our students for a world that is equally changing, uncertain and inspiring affirms a need for a collaborative effort to ensure our students graduate with these attributes to be successful and thrive in their future.  Hence, a beginning point is to engage the community members in an exercise of identifying and brainstorming possible assets that support the Portrait of a Graduate.

    Questions to consider:

    • What assets including businesses, associations, institutions, physical spaces, organizations and individuals exist in our community?
    • What are the learning experiences through community resources that may already be happening such as:
      • Use of space for classroom activities (physical space, museum, historical association, library, other)
      • Sharing of expertise (experts from the community invited into the school/classroom such as police officers, author visits, youth leaders, experts in specialty areas such as STEM, media)
      • Curriculum support (learning experiences based on curriculum units supported by community resources)
      • Authentic work (applying learning in a real-world context)
      • Service
    • What ideas do you have of resources that may work for authentic connections based on the resources in our community?
  • As a Long-Range Planning Committee we have the opportunity to engage in an asset mapping exercise that will provide the content for our  Asset map that can be used as we implement the Portrait of a Graduate work.  In order to conduct the discussion to uncover possible authentic, meaningful partnerships for our students, each grade-level based team will circulate the established community stations marked as follows:  Institutions, Organizations, Businesses, Physical Spaces and Individuals.  The tables will have a set of Portrait of a Graduate cards with descriptions of each of the attributes.  Please engage in a conversation at each table and note the answers to the following questions:

    1. What is the name of the resource?  Please describe it including the address, website (if one exists), and any other pertinent information.
    2. What are the services provided by this asset/resource?
    3. Are there services, expertise, use of space, or goods that may be connections or partnership opportunities with the school district?  Please describe.
    4. How could these resources support the Portrait of a Graduate?

    After discussing as a team, information should be scribed into the provided Asset Mapping Padlet for inclusion in our Interactive, Community Asset Map.