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  • All school facilities and fields remain closed.  Parking lots have now been opened for running, cycling, and walking. (The North lot at Wilton High School remains closed.) Residents who access these lots must adhere to social distancing protocols. Please visit the town website for more information.

  • As of this afternoon, we made the decision to postpone all building use outside of the school day through this Friday, March 13.  We made this decision in consultation with our director of facilities, custodial supervisor and the Wilton Department of Health.  This decision is based on our desire to ensure we are following the deep-cleaning procedures recommended by our director of health and supervisory staff in custodial and maintenance services.  We recognize that having people in our buildings after hours would require additional deep cleaning measures, and our ability to perform deep cleaning would likely be impacted if the buildings are being used in the evenings when custodial staff are expected to be performing this deep cleaning. We will make decisions about building use beyond March 13 this week and will communicate these decisions by the end of the week. 

  • We will make a decision about activities for next week by this Friday and communicate it to you at that time.

  • Last week, the district provided special training to our custodial staff as well as bus staff on the appropriate deep cleaning methods needed to combat illnesses like coronavirus, which they are now implementing.  We are using a product called Q.T.3, which is being left on hard surfaces (i.e. door knobs, desks, paper towel dispensers, fountains) for five minutes to ensure that a wide array of viruses are killed before the cleaner is wiped off.  This work is being done in the evenings.  Analysis of many available cleaning products led to the determination that Q.T.3 is the best product to address our current needs. 
    In addition, we are ensuring all bathrooms and sink areas have adequate soap and paper towels, and we are checking with the schools to be sure we have enough tissues in the buildings. 

    Update: 3/10/20

    • We recently delivered an additional supply of the cleaning agent Q.T.3 to Student Transportation of America, our bus company. All schools have been restocked with tissues, soap, and paper towels. 
    • We have adjusted the working hours of custodial staff to accommodate special cleaning procedures.