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Digital Well-Being

social media on mobile phoneInternet Safety and Digital Well-Being
Resources for Parents

We recently held two parent technology nights in partnership with Bark for Families to address the challenges of supporting our children with navigating their digital presence.  This website includes the recording of the Webinars as well as resources provided during the presentation on research, strategies and tools to help parents.  Wilton Public Schools is providing a series of workshops during this school year to partner with parents to address students’ digital life and how parents can support them.
RECORDING FROM 12.8.22 Parent Webinar


2021 Report on Children-Tweens and Teens Technology Use by Bark: Kids in Tech
Be sure to watch the documentary: Childhood 2.0
Use the following discussion guide after watching Childhood 2.0 : Talking Points
Guidance for conversations: Handbook
Guidance for Tech Contract
Join a Facebook Group community: Parenting In A Tech World
Crash course for apps/games: Common Sense Media
Crash course for apps/games: Protect Young Eyes
Stay in the know: Bark Blog
Short videos: Tech Bytes
Roblox - This is a great step-by-step guide for parental controls and privacy settings.
SnapChat - Bark cheatsheet
Bark - Bark monitors 30+ apps and platforms. Here's a list of everything we monitor. This video explains how Bark works.
Discord - This article highlights potential dangers on the platform. Directions for a safer experience.