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Access The Speak Up CyberTip Hotline


Items you should report:

  • Bullying (you experience or if you observe others being bullied either in person or online)
  • If you or another student is in crisis, depressed, self harming or thinking about suicide
  • Any knowledge of a planned fight or disturbance of any kind
  • Someone threatening or bringing a weapon to school
  • Any issue that is of concern to you

"See Something, Say Something"

Wilton Public Schools encourages students to report any concerns directly to an administrator, counselor, support staff or trusted adult. Face to face interaction is always the best form of reporting to ensure we have all the necessary information to be able to act accordingly.

If this is not feasible then we encourage you to use the anonymous reporting feature described below.

You can use this email address,, or call and text (203) 514-0531 to report any concerns you have about the well-being of fellow students or school safety. In order to ensure safety for everyone, please let adults know about potential safety risks, See Something Say Something.

To report something of concern email or call 203.514.0531

Any email address will work. However, if you want to report something anonymously, you can send a message from an external email system such as Yahoo or Gmail.   All reports will be treated with discretion.

The Gaggle SpeakUp Safety Tipline integrates directly with G Suite for Education from Google, which students already use on a daily basis. There’s no need for students to download a mobile app or remember a phone number. SpeakUp replies include a phone number that students can use for text messages or phone calls.  Trained Gaggle Safety Representatives evaluate SpeakUp tips 24/7/365 and send an email
regarding non-life-threatening items to designated school or district staff. They will also call school officials in emergency situations and can even contact local law enforcement.

Thank you,

Wilton Public Schools District Safety Team